workspace plus

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Customers integrating legacy ERP, MES, and MRP systems with the Workspace gain visibility to defects and shortcomings in their existing data. This new visibility enables them to improve processes, make higher-quality strategic and operational decisions, and accelerate flow.

integrations made easy

The Workspace Plus allows you to spend less time planning and more time selling, building, and creating. Planning work across teams and subs is easier when you can view and modify the same plan of record as Gantt charts, custom reports, work assignments, or Kanban boards. Ease of integration with other software allows you to keep everyone up to the date across your company, your customers, suppliers and partners.

The Workspace Plus is for businesses that require features and integrations beyond that offered with the standalone Workspace. We provide powerful options such as analytics, reporting, private cloud, on-premises SaaS, SSO, custom dashboards, and custom APIs, all built and implemented based on your business’s unique needs, situation, and existing software stack.

Visual layouts such as Wall View clarify status and priorities so that everyone is on the same page, all the time.
Design your processes, configure them in the Workspace, and change them with ease whenever you'd like.

agility = competitive edge

Change schedules, work assignments, and workflows in real time. Work history and communication are always a click away.

You configure processes in the Workspace yourself, update teams and processes as often as needed, and can be confident that everyone is on the same page about what your process is, and where work is in the process.

In building better manufacturing software, we rely on the true expert in managing your business: you, of course. The Workspace puts you in the driver’s seat – it’s designed to adapt to your operations, not the other way around.

get higher roi from your software investments

Many of our customers have invested heavily in software, yet still shortfalls persist.

The Workspace’s full-suite, web-scale serverless APIs seamlessly integrate with our customers’ existing stacks to augment functionality and/or fill in gaps.

Businesses are no longer limited to wholesale swapouts, painful implementations, and widespread change management; they use the Workspace’s powerful features and integrations to get the highest return on the software investments they’ve already made.

Features like email messaging and automatic activity logging ensure critical information never falls through the cracks.

additional solutions

If your business does not have software or databases you'd like to integrate with the Workspace Plus, consider the Workspace. If your business has specific requirements beyond integrations, for example professional services or other specialized requirements, consider the Workspace Enterprise.