Better Production Scheduling

The Ondema Workspace allows your shop to see your plan and control your production schedule in a new way.

Larger customers use the Workspace to supplement existing ERP/MRP solutions, surmounting their limitations to improve throughput.  Smaller customers move off spreadsheets and immediately improve management of work-in-process and flow.  

We built the Ondema Workspace on the latest and most secure cloud technologies. It is fast, integrates easily, and loads new features with a simple browser refresh.  We are constantly releasing new features to meet customer demand, often meeting requests for new functionalities in a few weeks, particularly for our enterprise customers. 

Ondema's Impact


Delay Reduction

Better visibility, ability to adapt to changes, and faster flow help our customers order materials and deliver quality work on time.


Revenue Increase

Efficiency gains, increased throughput, and the capacity to accept more work drives growth for our customers.


Investment Return

A modest investment in better production scheduling yields significant returns for our customers.

A better way to schedule and manage production.

Terry Gastouniotis, Owner of Small Parts CNC, explains how the Ondema Workspace improves visibility, unlocks efficiencies, and helps his business grow.

Introducing the Ondema Workspace

A powerful new cloud software tool for machine shops to improve production scheduling and flow.


make work visible

Intuitive scheduling and tracking interfaces put everyone on the same page.


enhance efficiency

Improve resource utilization to reduce bottlenecks, cycle time, and drive throughput.


clarify priorities

Everyone on the team knows exactly what to do, when to do it, and what's next.


collaborate easily

Share select information with clients and partners to improve flow and customer satisfaction.

Better scheduling, better revenue.

MBE Cylinder Heads and Manifolds uses the Workspace to improve production scheduling and workflow.

Everyone knows exactly what to do and when. Critical equipment and tools are running at high efficiency. MBE re-plans quickly, reduces uncertainty, and takes on new business while automatically sharing real-time status with partners and customers.

Case study graph

resource Utilization as a growth driver

An aerospace manufacturer estimated using the Workspace for production scheduling and WIP tracking would yield:

  • $800,000 increase in annual revenue,
  • 21% reduction in labor cost per unit produced, and
  • 12% reduction in total cost per unit produced.
OND precision tour

Tour the Workspace for OND Precision Machining, a machine shop in the aerospace industry, for a hands-on, interactive experience.

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